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April 15, 2022

In the final episode of Crash Course Geography we're going to take a look towards the future, and to do that we'll need to revisit the fundamental geography tools: space, place, and human-environment interactions! We'll talk about the rise of the digital world and virtual spaces, the continued impacts of globalization and the Anthropocene, and even ponder new ideas like geoengineering. As we've said many times in this series the Earth is a beautifully dynamic place, and human innovation and the desire to claim and create the own places will continue to build new landscapes and futures. Thank you all so much for joining on this journey across the extraordinary home planet!

0:00 - space-time
1:10 - intro
1:17 - virtual spaces
3:15 - place and globalization
4:48 - the slow city movement
5:57 - data landscapes and surveillance
8:51 - human footprint
9:38 - geoengineering
11:10 - series wrap-up
12:26 - outro


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